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INTERTOP Ukraine Boosts Revenue By 8% Using Lookerz’s ML-Powered Outfit Recommendations:
A Case Study In Fashion E-Commerce

Lookerz’s innovative machine learning technology creates a tailored customer experience, resulting in increased revenue and customer engagement

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300 Brands

Market Of Ukraine & Kazakhstan

Over 150 Stores

INTERTOP Ukraine is 300 brands in its portfolio and its own brand Braska, Intertop stands as the go-to retailer in 2 countries – Ukraine and Kazakhstan, with over 150 stores

INTERTOP Ukraine is an illustrious Ukrainian retail company synonymous with quality clothing, shoes, and accessories.

As part of its omnichannel strategy,
INTERTOP Ukraine is focused on developing its online sales network and innovating to bring customers new products and experiences.

The company strives to provide shoppers with excellent service
no matter how they choose to shop — online or at a store.


Before the pandemic, INTERTOP Ukraine primarily focused on in-store shopping. But when the world had to change its pace due to COVID-19, the company made the strategic decision to focus on its online platform.

INTERTOP Ukraine sought to improve its e-commerce features and digital shopping experience to achieve greater customer engagement and sales.

With This Goal In Mind, INTERTOP Ukraine Identified Two Challenges They Would Need To Overcome:

Improve their e-commerce product catalog and recommendation system for a more efficient digital shopping experience;

Provide customers with a visual experience similar to what one would find in physical stores by utilizing new technologies to represent different clothing combinations

As part of its strategy for innovation, INTERTOP Ukraine set out to utilize ML technologies that had been proven to be beneficial across different retail markets. With this aim in mind, they chose Lookerz to implement its ML-powered solution, backed by their extensive knowledge of the fashion industry.


As with any new integration, INTERTOP Ukraine prioritized maintaining the level of performance of its current solution while adding new features to its e-commerce platform.

Before The Integration, The Company Laid Out Specific Criteria For The Lookerz Solution:

Must have an easy and transparent integration with the e-commerce part of the platform

Require minimal code or changes to the existing platform

Have minimal impact on the website’s performance

Can not transfer any user data outside of the INTERTOP ecosystem

Lookerz’s clients get access to a dashboard where they can analyze the incoming data and performance of the widget in real time.

The recommendation module also comes with an emergency shutdown system, that prevents the disruption of the online store’s operations should the module fail. At no time does user data leave the system (complying with GDPR requirements).


With Lookerz, shoppers can quickly create a complete outfit using their chosen products. Lookerz assesses the most fashionable combinations of colors and styles and suggests the perfect match, be it glasses, jackets, sweaters, hats, or shoes, to go with it.

Customers can easily select any outfit they have in mind without having to research or go through the manual motions.

The only challenge for Intertop was to unify its photo bank so that product photos could exist on a user’s background without the presence of clothing models. Gradually, this goal was achieved and today, 80% of their entire photo bank is available on Lookerz in a unified format.

For Other Parts Of The Integration, Lookerz Managed To Finish With Zero Involvement From The INTERTOP Ukraine Team:

Machine Learning

Lookerz used machine learning technology to train its system, process every item in the store’s database, and assign key tags to them

Different Parameters

Different parameters guide the combination of items into complete outfits that could be presented as recommendations to increase a consumer’s intention to purchase or upsell them with matching items.

UX/UI Design

As part of the integration, Lookerz adapted its module to the UX/UI design of the Intertop online store while setting up analytics and fast data transfers.

Improving The Algorithm

After finishing implementation, the Lookerz team is now focused on improving the algorithm to optimize the overall user experience.


INTERTOP Ukraine was running a content recommendation system that suggested similar items based on customer searches. Still, the results needed to be more precise, resulting in low efficiency & ROAs


Lookerz customizes relevant style recommendations for each shopper based on current fashion trends:

The Lookerz service provides real-time outfit recommendations for each product, displayed as a widget in the product page and accessed via the “Pick Look” button.

Customers can find an infinite number of outfits that span INTERTOP’s entire clothing range, separated into sections for women and men with filters to make more personalized selections.

Lookerz identifies similar items by considering criteria such as type, shape, color, and length for products that have become unavailable, helping customers to discover other in-stock options.

These factors re-create the in-person shopping
experience and improve customer engagement
with more in-demand styles.


Working with Lookerz for the past two years has been an incredible experience for INTERTOP Ukraine.

By integrating Lookerz, the goal was to enhance the purchase intentions of consumers and create a more satisfying user experience.

It Paid Off – Just A Few Months After Implementation

increased by


users spent more time
on the site over


accessory sales
increased by


Customers actively engaged in generating outfit recommendations, spending far more time browsing the site using the outfit suggestions provided by Lookerz.

By combining design and content, Lookerz enabled Intertop to offer customers an unparalleled shopping experience – something that keeps them coming back for more


Lookerz recently released a powerful new function that allows customers to view similar items within the outfits recommendations. This has substantially increased the number of catalog pages Intertop customers can view and will boost revenue by an additional 5%

Lookerz’s successful partnership with Intertop has resulted in the development of something meaningful for digital shopping. Innovations like these help marketplaces cut costs on hiring additional staff while improving customer retention and sales.

By Spring 2023, Intertop Will Make The Process Of Customizing Product Recommendations To A Whole New Level. These Recommendations Will Be Issued Based On Customer Behavior Such As Past Purchases, Size Preferences, And Brand Inclinations. This Added Functionality Will Provide Customers With A Personalized Shopping Experience Like Never Before.

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