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who we are

Real time outfits, tags and similar items for fashion eCommerce powered by ML without stylists

for women and men

We able to see only 5-10 online pages with products and 70% of online catalog remain unseen

нow to display items from the last pages of the online catalog?

How to increase personalization with recommendations?

Elevate your product pages with personalized outfits!

saas solution for fashion e-commerce boost convertion rates in 6 weeks by up to 28%

what is it

Drive upsell and cross-sell through the right outfits for each customer – for every product

Outfitting on Product Detail Pages

similar items

assigning tags

how it works: powered looks

dynamic galleries of outfits

  • looks from full assortment in any section online store
  • unlimited Looks
  • 1 look – 1 second
  • looks in real time
  • independent of stylists

how it works: powered looks

Outfitting on Product Detail Pages

  • looks for the specific item in a product pages
  • looks of 5, 4 or 3 items
  • filters: season, style, event, type
  • product information: brand, price, size
  • items to bag or favorites from Look
  • visit to product card from Look
  • fixing up to 3 items in Look: next looks will include this items

how it works: similar items

Similar Items for items from look

how it works: similar items

similar items for your choice

similar items

recomended items

how it works: powered looks

looks for recommended items

#blazer #long #flat #long_sleeve #business #dark_blue

how it works: tags

recognition items in the photo

  • assigning #tags
  • generating group #tags

how it works: automation

full automation of your sales

full automation: looks, similar items, tags


new item is at once in looks, sold item is at once deleted from looks

service adapts to the assortment of the online store

full assortment of male and female: clothes, shoes, bags and accessories

how it looks: Dynamic galleries of Outfits. Mix & Match Looks

  • JS code is inserted into any part of the website or mobile application of the online store.
  • it can be a specific section for Looks
  • in this place will be selected Looks from the full assortment
save look new look

how it looks: outfitting on Product Detail Pages

  • js code is inserted into Product Page
  • it can be button “View Looks” or “lookerz”
  • this button will be generated Looks for this item

how it looks: similar items on Product Detail Pages

  • for each items the lookerz service automatically selects similar or recommended items.
  • these items are clickable and shown in the product page

how it looks: tags on Product Detail Pages

  • for each items the Lookerz service automatically selects tags
  • these tags are clickable and shown in the product page

which problems does it solve?

for fashion online stores

lookerz to business

  • creating navigation of wide assortment multi-pages online store’s catalogues through looks, similar or recommended items and tags
  • increases low product discovery rate
  • reduces large remaining stock
  • increases low customer`s engagement
  • creating possibility to see products from last catalogue pages that a customer could never see and never reach

business to customers

  • affordable of stylish looks regardless of budget
  • quick selection of looks according to weather, style and purpose
  • without reference to the stylist
  • looks anytime


why lookerz


scalable infrastructure to support indexing, processing of images and selection of millions of looks without sacrificing performance


It takes an online customer 0,8-1 second to see each new Look!

deep learning

high quality training data for continuous improvement in recognition models and accuracy. constant learning and updating


online analytics for all actions in the service


our ability to select fashion looks at above 95% satisfaction rate by stylists from our customers side


service lookerz can be integrated into any online platform

we are pioneers

our patent-pending technologies


AI-Style Technology

Our patent-pending ML builds stylist-quality outfits 1000x faster than humans.


AI-Replace Technology

Products sell out. Our patent-pending ML can find and replace out-of-stock items with the perfect in-stock alternative.


AI-Attribution Technology

Our patent-pending attribution tech enriches your images, products, and outfits with style, occasion, and theme metadata.

how to start

Lookerz speed


Effortless Integrations & Onboarding

LOOKERZ makes launching world-class outfitting, styling, and bundling programs a fast, easy, and low-lift process. Your engineering team will call it “straightforward”.


Personalized Inspiration for Every Shopper

LOOKERZ offers built-in real-time personalization, mix-and-match, intelligent style personas, and shopper curation and control, for a truly 1:1 experience.


Bespoke Layouts & Algorithms for every brand

Lookerz tunes every experience, algorithm, style guide, and program to match your brand’s vision and voice. Your merchants and marketers will love this.

continous process

our customers

Intertop wanted to allow shoppers the ability to swap products in and out of looks to curate their own outfits. By using Lookerz, they were able to give shoppers the ability to quickly and easily create new customized looks. Intertop saw higher time on site, conversion, AOV and increased brand loyalty. “Not only was Lookerz able to create outfits for over 80,000 SKU this year”


head of the sector for the development of web interfaces – Intertop Ukraine

we know about fashion everything and even more